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Natalie Portman Recycles Dior Dress One Week Later

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Looking flawless as ever, Natalie Portmanattended a Dior event in Tokyo last night. Sporting a lovely orange gown by the brand, the actress grinned while posing for pictures with fellow guests.

Usually celebrity Tuesday, right? Well, not exactly. Unlike most stars, the Oscar winner opted to wear the exact same dress she donned for another swanky gala just one week earlier.

The event six days prior was her first Hollywood fete since the 2013 Academy Awards, which she attended with husbandBenjamin Millepied.

Being a spokesmodel for Dior, the actress has worn the label’s designs on numerous red carpets, but this is the first time she’s repeated a look.

Perhaps the famous vegan was making an eco-friendly statement? After all, this is the same gal who launched her own earth-friendly shoe line. Then again, it could just be as simple as: she loved the dress so much she couldn’t wait to wear it again.

Natalie wouldn’t be the first celebrity to do so. Kate Middleton repeats outfits all the time. And not just casual street styles, the expecting Duchess of Cambridge loves to recycle dresses for weddings and major royal events.

Of course, Michelle Obama is another famous female who doesn’t follow the wear-once rule. The first lady is constantly spotted in the same frocks—even while celebrating major holidays!

Now, it seems that same double-down vibe has official spread to Hollywood. Just a few weeks before Natalie’s fashion repeat, Jennifer Aniston attended Lake Bells wedding in aPrada dress she first wore in 2011.

And considering the fact that Portman will soon be promoting Thor: The Dark World, there will be lots of opportunities for her to recycle famous red carpet styles.

If you thought her quick turn around was surprising, imagine how shocking it will be if she wears one of her stunning Oscar gowns—and she has plenty to chose from!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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