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Farrah Abraham Disses Kim Kardashian’s Baby North West

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rs_293x473-130607075609-634.kimk.jc.doc.6613Everyone’s talking about Kim and Kanye West’s daughter North West, but not everyone has nice things to say. Former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham told EXCLUSIVELY what she thinks of the newest celebrity baby name!

Kim Kardashian, 32, and Kanye West, 36, faced their fair share of critics when they chose to name their baby girl North West. One of those critics is none other than former reality star Farrah Abraham, 22! The Teen Mom-turned-porn star spoke to EXCLUSIVELY about Kimye’s baby!

Farrah Abraham Questions Kimye Baby Name

Farrah was shocked to learn what Kim and Kanye chose to name their baby girl, because according to the reality star, it just doesn’t match! She told EXCLUSIVELY:

She named her child North? Maybe she likes that. North? I mean, I could see someone naming their child North. It’s really her own preference. I don’t feel like it matches. Then again, why be predictable? I feel like it doesn’t match what she and Kanye would call their child. Like, did Kanye want to call it North?

Kim and Kanye: The Real Reason They Named Their Daughter North West

Rumors began swirling, even during her pregnancy, about the name Kimye would choose for their first child. Kim even joked about NOT wanting to name her baby North on a March 28 episode of the Tonight Show! So when copies of the newborn’s birth certificate showing the baby’s name — North West — were released, the world was shocked! But why North West?

Contrary to some some snarky Twitter responses, North is not in reference to a compass – the meaning is much deeper to the couple. When HollywoodLife told Farrah that Kim and Kanye chose North because the baby was their star, Farrah still had her opinions about it. She said:

OK… I think this is being a little too obsessed with the spotlight and celebritism. That’s their own choice and I wish them the best with their child.

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