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Kim Kardashian Loves Breastfeeding Baby Daughter

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634.KanyeWest.KimKardashian.jc.12612Looks like Kimmy is really enjoying motherhood — all parts of it! The reality star and brand new mom is reportedly loving her new life — diapers, breastfeedings, and all.

Kim Kardashian once tweeted her disgust for a woman who was publicly breastfeeding in 2010, but the new mom probably sees where that woman was coming from now! It’s been just over a week since Kim and Kanye West welcomed their baby, North, into the world on June 15, and the 32-year-old reality star has reportedly loved every second.


Kim Kardashian Obsessed With Motherhood

Kim has taken to motherhood with real fervor, a source tells TMZ. The new mommy reportedly actually looks forward to her feedings with North, and she doesn’t mind changing diapers either!

“She does it all,” says the source, who also doesn’t fail mention that Kim’s breasts have swelled to a G cup since giving birth.

It’s an amazing turnaround and probably a great feeling for Kim to actually enjoy motherhood, after saying that she would rather slit her throat than be pregnant on a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kanye West As A Dad: His ‘Softer Side’

She’s not the only one cannonballing into parenthood. A source close to Kanye tells exclusively that being a dad has brought out a whole new side of him. “Everybody’s about to see a softer side of this guy,” the source said, adding, “He’s emotional. He’s a new dad so that’s to be expected.”

The source also revealed that Kanye cuddles with baby North and even sings lullabies to her!

We can’t get enough of how cute these two new parents have been since having their baby girl. North is clearly so loved and adored, there’s no question she’s going to be raised in an amazing environment.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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