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Kristen Stewart Gets A Tattoo In Nashville — Confirmed

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kristenIt’s confirmed! Our favorite cool, laid back actress just got even cooler by getting some body ink on her right wrist. What could the tat be of?!

When Kristen Stewart was spotted hanging out at Pride & Glory Tattoo Parlor in Nashville, Tenn. on June 21, everyone asked the same question: “Is K-Stew getting a tattoo?” Looks like the answer is yes!


Kristen Stewart Gets Some Body Ink

Pride & Glory posted a photo collage of Kristen’s visit to their Facebook page. In the pics, Kristen is hanging with the tattoo parlor staff and smiling for the camera. But most importantly, in one picture Kristen is shown surrounded by the Pride & Glory team holding up her right wrist proudly, sporting what looks to be some ink!

It’s tough to make out, but it appears Kristen got a small, possibly red tattoo on her wrist — and Pride & Glory confirmed that she got work done! Responding to a fan’s question about whether K-Stew got a tat, Pride & Glory wrote, “Yes they all did. She asked us to keep it hush hush.”

The tattoo parlor also added, “Love her. She is a humble amazing soul.” How sweet!

Kristen Stewart’s Tattoo: What Is It For?

Even though Pride & Glory failed to keep the tattoo hush hush, they did manage to keep what exactly it is under wraps. But you know we have a few theories.

First of all, the obvious — could it be a reference to her ex, Robert Pattinson? Not that she’s trying to make some grand, permanent gesture to win him back, but he is such a huge part of her life, and she was so broken up when they split — it wouldn’t surprise us in the least if she got a small tattoo to get more closure and signify that she’s turning a new leaf in her life.

On the other hand, Kristen has been on a whirlwind road trip with her friends for over a week, going through New Mexico to Texas to Louisiana to Tennessee. And Pride & Glory’s note that “they all” got tattoos might suggest that K-Stew and her group of friends all got some ink together to commemorate their trip.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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