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Kim Kardashian’s 5 Best & Worst Pregnancy Outfits

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rs_293x473-130607075609-634.kimk.jc.doc.6613Kim K’s pregnancy came to an end on the early morning of June 15 (boy, wasn’t that fun!?). To celebrate, we’re taking one more look at the new mommy’s maternity style — which included some absolutely stunning ensembles, but also some outfits we wish we could un-see.

One of the best parts about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy was seeing what she would step out in next. Kim’s maternity watch was a true fashion roller coaster, gorgeous and stunning in a form-fitting gown one day, and hideously busting out of a pair of high heels the next. Join us as we remember the highlights — and yes, the lowlights.

Kim Kardashian’s Best Pregnancy Outfits

The surprising thing about Kim’s best maternity looks is that they didn’t quite follow a format. Kim sometimes stunned in flowing gowns, like the one she wore to her baby shower on June 2, but she also set our hearts on fire in form-fitting dresses.

The blood orange dress she rocked while on a family vacation in Greece in April was magical. Maybe it was the Mediterranean sunlight, but she looked truly stunning in the number.

But some of her best pregnancy styles were a combination of the loose and tight. Stepping out on April 22, Kim looked beautiful and in charge in a black, satin suit-dress hybrid. It was an extremely classy look that was tight in all the right places. The ultimate example was her look at the MTV Movie Awards. Her black dress perfectly hugged her body and awesome curves, but kept things fresh with a pair of free-flowing sleeves.

Kim Kardashian’s Worst Pregnancy Outfits

But we all know that Kim had some tough times dressing as a pregnant woman (and she certainly got enough criticism because of it). Some of the harsh words crossed the line, but in a few specific cases, Kim sorta asked for it. Who can forget the full-bodied floral dress she wore to the Met Gala on May 5, which was subsequently compared to a couch and prompted Robin Williams to relate Kim K to Mrs. Doubtfire?

The 32-year-old reality star had moments where it just seemed like she wasn’t willing to admit that she was pregnant, wearing outfits that did not jive with her changing body in the least. Her feet uncomfortably bulging out of a pair of high heels on May 16 is an extreme example, but there was also the tight black dress she wore to a Kardashian Kollection launch event on May 4. The outfit did more to exploit Kim’s curves, rather than complementing them.

Finally, Kim struggled from time to time with see-through outfits. A good rule of thumb: sheer belly shirts aren’t really sexy on anyone, let alone a pregnant woman. We appreciate the chances Kim took with her fashion, but the sheer shirts she wore on April 18 and May 13 just did not pay off.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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