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Lisa Gorjestani on Weddings: How to Plan a Destination Event

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rs_293x473-130619134546-293.lisa.cm.61913An exotic destination for your wedding day may seem like an intriguing idea, but when it comes down to the logistics, the details can be daunting!

If you’re dreaming of an intimate affair at a faraway locale, it might help to call on an expert in the industry for some invaluable advice.

We tapped event planner extraordinaire Lisa Gorjestani, who has worked with Halle Berry, amy smart, Ali Larter and several others, for her tips on planning a destination wedding.

Here’s what she shared:

1. Plan Ahead: If you need to ship items to your destination, be sure to send them way in advance. Items can get held up in customs and you don’t want to risk not having them. Also be sure to investigate what can and cannot be sent. For example, anything with a natural fiber, like a jute bag, cannot be shipped to Mexico.

2. Do Your Research: Resources may be different or there may be fewer vendor options than what you are accustomed to. Understand what is realistic so that you are not disappointed with the outcome.

3. Give Plenty Of Notice: Inform your guests with details and allow plenty of time to book their travel. Even if you send a quick email notifying your guests of the location and date, it will be much appreciated!

4. Watch the Clock: When planning the events, be conscientious of your guests’ time change. If  you need to start things a little earlier, you may get a more energetic response.

5. Get Creative: The cost of flowers can be considerably more in some destinations, like the Caribbean and Mexico. Try to be creative with other decor to stay within budget.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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