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Kim Kardashian’s Best Motherhood Quotes: “Who Wouldn’t Want a Baby Girl?” and More!

Published on June 18, 2013 by   ·   No Comments Kardashian is no doubt basking in the glow of newfound motherhood after she and beau Kanye West welcomed their first child, a baby girl, Saturday in Los Angeles.

And it’s a role that the star couldn’t be more excited to be taking on: Sinceannouncing her pregnancy last December, the 32-year-old has gushed about her excitement over the newest addition to the family, sounding off on everything from the joys of pregnancy to finding the right maternity wear to her wildest pregnancy cravings.

Take a look back at Kim’s most memorable quotes as she and ‘Ye eagerly awaited the arrival of their little bundle of joy:

• “Keeping a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me,” Kim wrote on her blog in March. “And now it’s even more important because I am looking out for someone else’s well being other than just my own.”

• “I think our [baby] name will definitely be unique,”  in March while promoting Tyler Perry’s Temptation, but admitted that “we haven’t picked a name yet.”

• “I still want to be chic, wearing heels,” Kim told in March about her pregnancy style. “People are like, ‘You should start wearing flats.’ And I’m like, OK, I just went and bought flats for the first time this week and I can’t wear them. They’re not me. Heels make me feel so good.”

• “[My sister] Kourtney warned me that when you become a mom or become pregnant, there will be this whole new group of critics that will criticize you for everything you do,” Kimsaid on Good Morning America in March, but she refused to let the scrutiny get the better of her. “My theory is, ‘happy mommy, happy baby.’ So whatever makes me feel good, I want to wear. And I love high heels.”

• “My 1st pregnancy craving! #InNOut #EnjoyingEveryBite,” she tweeted in March, linking to an Instagram snap of cheese-covered fries and a burger.

• “I just don’t crave any of the junk food that I used to eat normally and that really is upsetting to me,” she told . “I thought I was going to be home eating like McDonald’s and Taco Bell and ice cream—can’t eat any of it.” Instead, she found herself craving “carrots and celery with ranch. I have to have that once a day, and protein bars.”

• “Ever since I felt the baby kick, it’s such an amazing feeling, and it’s really allowed me to embrace it,” Kim told  upfront in NYC in April. “Once you feel this movement inside, it’s just a whole different experience, so I love it now. It was tough at the beginning, but I’m passed all that and I love it now.”

• “I was waiting for this amazing experience where I can just do whatever I want, eat whatever I want, feel great…and it hasn’t been that way,” Kim candidly admitted in April on Ryan Seacrest With the Kardashians: Presents, speaking openly about her health issues during her pregnancy. “I’ve had a lot of pain everywhere.” (1)• “I’m definitely more of a recluse since I was pregnant,” she told Fabulousmagazine in May. “But I haven’t necessarily decided to hold myself back, it’s just preparing myself for respecting the privacy of my child and my boyfriend.”

• “Eating grapefruit 4 breakfast reminded me of my nana & papa!” she tweeted in May about her latest pregnancy craving. “They had a tree & would always pick fresh grapefruits every day #MissThem.”

• “Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?” Kim humorously quipped on Instagram, attaching a photo of her feet which were left with the imprint of her Givenchy cut-out heels.

• “This is how I have always dressed, and right now I’m wearing anything that fits,” she toldGrazia magazine in May. “Kourtney warned me that when I got pregnant, people’s opinions would be on an all-time high and people would chime in. Now I see what she means!”

• “Final trip before I can’t fly anymore!” the ready-to-pop mom-to-be noted on her blog while recalling her “best trip ever” to Paris with mom Kris Jenner.

• Her blossoming figure wasn’t the only part of her pregnancy that Kim celebrated: The mom-to-be also flaunted her fabulous bee-stung lips, posting a pic of her pucker along with the caption, “My pregnancy lips are outta control #IGuessNotABadProblemToHave.” She also had a handy solution for them: “Pregnancy lips…@EosProducts to the rescue!” sheInstagrammed afterward.

• “Truly such a special day,” she tweeted during her baby shower on June 2. “I honestly feel so blessed and filled with so much love!”

• “Who wouldn’t want a baby girl?” Kim mused during the season-eight premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians earlier this month. “They’re the best! And I know that’s what Kanye has always wanted, he wanted a little girl.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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