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Paris Hilton to Bling Ringers: “You Guys Need Serious Help. And I Want My Stuff Back”

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rs_293x473-130613123202-634.ParisHilton.Srf.6.13.13.JMDAs the anticipated Sofia Coppola film surrounding the infamous Bling Ring burglaries gears up for release tomorrow, one of the real-life victims recalls the unfortunate experience.

Paris Hilton was one of the celebs whose house was broken into and burglarizedalmost four years ago, and the star hopes that viewers take something away from theBling Ring movie.

“There’s much more to life than all of these possessions and everything,” she told Ellemagazine, which hits newsstands June 25. “And if you want those things, you’re going to have to work yourself, just like I did.”

So what would the blond socialite (andnewest member of Cash Money Records) say to those who violated her home if they ever came face to face?

“I don’t know what I’d do if I saw them. I’m not a confrontational person. But I would literally be like, ‘You guys need serious help. And I want my stuff back.'”

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