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Leyla Ghobadi: Making Up Kanye West Cheating Story Was Disgusting

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rs_293x473-130430102830-634.Kimye.mh.043013Leyla Ghobadi, your two minutes of fame are about to be over. Kim’s close friend Jonathan Cheban told HollywoodLife.com he was with Kanye and Kim on the weekend you claim you met and bedded Kanye — and that your hookups never happened.

Leyla Ghobadi – you were playing with fire when you allegedly sold your Kanye West cheating story to Star magazine for $20,000, according to the New York Daily News.


Leyla Ghobadi — I’m Calling Your Bluff

You spun a detailed tale about meeting Kanye in Atlantic City after his concert there on July 6, 2012, and then having a sexual encounter with him the next night.

Leyla, you claimed that Kanye spotted you in the crowd at his concert and then invited you to go for drinks after this show at the HQ Nightclub.

However, Jonathan Cheban, business mogul and star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians,   told HollywoodLife in a radio interview on our HollywoodLife Sirius XM Stars 106 show on June 13, that Kanye NEVER went to the club that night. Instead, he went upstairs to his hotel room with Kim! ” I was with them that night and I know they never stepped foot into that nightclub… Kim and Kanye were at the concert and they went straight to their room and that was it.”

Jonathan also said he was with Kanye and Kim the next night in Atlantic City, and that you, Leylah, were nowhere in sight – despite your claims that you spend a wild night in bed with Kanye.

That’s why when Kim saw the Star magazine cover story yesterday, she looked at for a couple of minutes and just laughed. She knew it was 100% not true.

So did Jonathan, who was with Kim in LA when she saw the mag. The two were busy shooting an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“We were laughing yesterday morning,” Jonathan said in his radio interview. ” Honestly, after the first two minutes when we read it, about the club and we knew we were there, it wasn’t even discussed- we moved on- we were filming all day. I mean, it’s a joke.”

So Leyla, a major hole was blown in your story and luckily, you didn’t cause one moment of stress for Kim, who is heavily pregnant with her and Kanye’s baby.

Listen To My Interview With Jonathan Cheban Here!

‘Star’ Editor In Chief Doesn’t Have Any Proof

Leyla, then astoundingly, the Editor in Chief of Star magazine went on record with the NY Daily News and he admitted that the magazine didn’t have any proof from you that your affair actually happened.

You never provided the text messages, which you claimed to have had from Kanye. “I forget if she either lost her phone or phone broke,” said James Heidenry the editor of Star. “One of those two.”

You also weren’t given a polygraph about your story — to double-check its veracity  – something Star magazine has done in the past.

In fact the Star editor refused to answer the question of whether he truly believed you had an affair with Kanye. “I’d rather not answer that question. To be honest, if you read the story you know as much as I do.”

Hmm! Hardly a ringing endorsement for your cheating tale, Leyla!

Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant — Have Some Respect!

So you made it on to the cover of a major magazine but with a hurtful tall tale.

This will do nothing for  your own personal reputation except shred it.

And you could have created a huge amount of stress for Kim, who is in the final weeks of her pregnancy! And stress can cause premature labor and a premature delivery — all of which can put a mother and her baby at risk for complications, Dr. Tara Solomon told HollywoodLife.com.

That’s just a terrible thing for you to have done deliberately — all for the sake of fame and $20,000, Leyla.

Your allegations could also have caused a damaging rift between Kim and Kanye, who are about to become parents.

Luckily, they were together on the night you claimed to be with Kanye, so Kim knew your allegations were 100% a lie. Plus, Kim and Kanye have a strong relationship and trust each other.

Your ugly lies would not have been able to break down that all-important trust.

Leyla, You’re A ‘Scam Artist’

As Jonathan told me on the HollywoodLife Sirius XM Stars 106 show, “there’s always a new scam artist of the day, as I like to call it. These jokes come up literally once a week….. but this is the biggest one. I mean did you see that girl, really, c’mon? Kanye is so picky and crazy and especially so in love with Kim. And they were just so fresh back then too. He would’ve never ever done that and that’s why it’s a full joke.” Ouch, Leylah!

Well Leyla, Jonathan is speaking the truth — you’re just a scam artist and luckily your scam didn’t hurt two people — Kim and Kanye — who are deeply in love and excited about the upcoming birth of their baby.

You and other celebrity scam artists like Mariah Yeater, who tried to claim she bore Justin Bieber‘s baby, need to work on genuinely making your own lives fulfilling so you can stop trying to ruin other people’s!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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