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Kristen Stewart Trying To Copy Robert Pattinson’s Career — Report

Published on June 13, 2013 by   ·   No Comments May 22 it was announced that Kristen would be starring in ‘Camp X-Ray,’ a movie about a female soldier stationed at Guantanamo Bay. Is it just a coincidence that she signed on for an Iraq war movie when Rob is set to star in one too?

Kristen Stewart may be exhausting every possible strategy to remain close to her ex, Robert Pattinson. A new report claims that the Twilight actress is so wrapped up in Rob that she’s now copy-catting his career choices.


Kristen Stewart: Copying Robert Pattinson After Breakup?

Rob has long been set to star in Mission Blacklist, a movie about the soldier who was hunting Sadam Hussein. Perhaps somewhat curiously, just days after Rob and Kristen split, it was announced that K-Stew would star in Camp X-Ray, about a soldier who is deployed to Guantanamo Bay. Reportedly, Rob’s camp sees Kristen’s choice to do an Iraq war movie as a deliberate decision.

“Rob’s camp was surprised to hear Kristen had signed onto another ‘War on Terror’ movie,” a source told Mail Online. And reportedly, Rob is seeing right through it: “Rob is convinced Kristen is now trying to duplicate his film choices.”

We have to admit that it is a pretty grand coincidence, but is Kristen really this desperate? After shooting Mission Blacklist, next on Rob’s docket is Maps to the Stars, a critical look at Hollywood culture. We’ll have to wait and see K-Stew’s next movie choice to determine if there’s a real pattern going on.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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