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Kristen Stewart Cut Off Ties With Katy Perry — Report

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04-robert-pattinson-kristen-stewartKaty and Kristen were great gal pals… until K-Stew split from Robert Pattinson. A new report claims Kristen is very upset that Katy has been supporting Rob after the breakup.

Breakups are always awkward, and they can even make things awkward for the friends of the former couples – Katy Perry is learning that firsthand. After supporting her longtime friend Robert Pattinson after his breakup, his ex Kristen Stewart – who Katy is also friends with — reportedly feels “betrayed” and has stopped talking to Katy altogether.


Kristen Stewart Feels ‘Betrayed’ By Katy Perry

K-Stew is badly hurt over Katy choosing Rob and spending so much time with him after the breakup, according to Mail Online. They had been such good friends — going out in Los Angeles together, sitting on each other’s laps at the Kids’ Choice Awards — but Kristen and Rob’s breakup really put the friendship in question.

A source close to the actress has told that “Rob and Katy have always been better friends and [Kristen] doesn’t think there is any type of romance going on between them,” but seeing a good friend spend more time with your ex than you can’t be easy. Kristen is reportedlytaking it personally, and has cut off all communication with Katy.

Katy Perry Caught Between Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

Katy and Kristen’s friendship is just another casualty of a breakup. We can see where both ladies are coming from in this conflict — after the breakup, Kristen went to her friends for comfort. She must have been crushed to learn that she couldn’t lean on one of them, Katy, because her ex-boyfriend was already doing that.

But in Katy’s defense, she has always been closer to Rob, and she realized that he needed a friend after the split, as a source told exclusively:

Katy has been really supportive of Rob since he and Kristen split up. She has been his main support during this whole breakup. Kristen has tons of friends that she can lean on, whereas most of Rob’s closest friends are in England.

Katy knew that Rob needed her more, and so she’s been by his side throughout the whole split. It’s no surprise that it’s not sitting well with Kristen, but one of the unfortunate things about breakups is that the friends end up having to pick sides.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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