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Kim Kardashian: Your Kanye West Romance Is Showing Your Deeper Side

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pregnant-kim-kardashian-kanye-west-rio-sightseeing-couple-05Kim, a lot of people may have thought you were superficial before your romance with Kanye West and your pregnancy. But now we see your inner depth and determination.

Kim Kardashian — you’ve become a better role model in multiple ways since you and Kanye West became a couple and soon-to-be parents!


Kim Kardashian, You’ve Been So Great While Pregnant

As tough as your pregnancy has been — you’ve admitted that it’s been “painful” at times and naturally, sometimes you’re tired — what pregnant woman isn’t? – but you have absolutely not been a Wendy whiner! Hey, I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, Noah, getting home from work and literally falling asleep face down on the couch every day.

Kim, you’ve done remarkably little complaining.

Instead, you have professionally soldiered on. You’ve been completely active and busy following through on all your work commitments – filming the multiple Kardashian shows you star in, making personal appearances on behalf of all the Kardashian clothing and accessories collections, and turning up regularly on TV shows, at award shows, and other promotional engagements.

Kim, no one could accuse you of skipping out on ANY of your professional responsibilities since you’ve been pregnant.

Lots of pregnant women feel completely comfortable giving themselves somewhat of a break when they’re pregnant — ie. not only trying not to load on extra work but often figuring out ways to offload some of their normal duties.

But no — you’ve been jet-setting across the country, taking on all your career commitments . You’re a terrific role model for other young and pregnant career women.

After all, you certainly have the financial means and star clout to have put your feet up on the couch and just spent nine months pampering yourself — but you didn’t.

You demonstrated that a pregnant woman — even one who’s a star — can be just as productive and responsible career-wise as a non-pregnant woman or man.

Kim, You Accept & Support Kanye’s Career

Then there’s been your very mature acceptance of Kanye’s career responsibilities and aspirations.

It was important for Kanye to record his upcoming album, Yeezus, in Paris. Because of that, he had to leave you for long stretches at a time, although he made sure to fly all the way to LA to be at your important doctor’s appointments.

A lot of pregnant women would be understandably upset by having their partner so far away during much of their pregnancy.

They might feel unloved and unsupported. And they might be extremely vocal about their feelings with their mates.

But Kim, you haven’t done that at all. You’ve been very understanding and supportive of Kanye and his need to be creative and produce his best musical work.

You have not complained at all about his physical distance, but instead have been thrilled when he surprised you by showing up in Atlanta on the red carpet of the film Temptation, in which you starred.

Then he made sure to fly into NYC to be your date at the prestigious Met Ball and couldn’t have been more attentive and loving — even singing in his performance at the event that you are “awesome.”

Kim, You’ve Proven You’re Extremely Mature

Kim — it takes a lot of maturity to support your partners’ career needs even if it means that they are not as physically close to you as you’d like. It’s not an ideal situation for you I’m sure, but it’s not the end of the world, either.

You are able to put what’s best for you as a couple and family – successful careers for BOTH you and Kanye, ahead of your immediate need to have some extra daily nurturing and support.

You know, as has exclusively reported, that Kanye wanted to get his new album done before your baby girl is born so he could have a clear schedule for months, once she was born.

You have known that Kanye wanted to do that for the three of you as a family, and so you’ve maturely focused on how he’ll be there for you and the baby when you really need him — in the delivery room and at home afterward.

Kim, I’m really impressed that even though Kanye hasn’t been able to be a constant presence during your pregnancy, that hasn’t created any tension between you two — quite the opposite.

Instead, your love has grown, as evident in your loving birthday message and collage.

Pregnancy Hasn’t Been Easy, But You’ve Made It Work

Plus, you’ve been subject to some pretty unkind criticism about your weight gain AND you’ve had some fashion challenges, trying to dress your best to enhance your pregnant figure.

Again — you haven’t reacted to most of it and have just carried on.

Ignoring the disses shows again the maturity and depth that you have.

So Kim, I hope that some of your doubters who thought you were simply a woman who cared only for materialistic things and showy romances have been silenced by the depth of character you’ve demonstrated during your pregnancy.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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