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Kim Kardashian Eating Her Placenta Could Alleviate Pain — Experts

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Kim-K-300x259Kim K is another celebrity in the long line of Hollywood moms who plan to eat their own placenta after their baby is born, and experts tell EXCLUSIVELY the health benefits for consuming the afterbirth!

Kim Kardashian, 32, is yet another celebrity mom who wants to eat her own placenta after her baby is born, touting that it will make her recover faster and look younger.


Kim Kardashian Eating Her Placenta — Recovery Health Benefits Revealed

But even though wanting to eat the afterbirth might sound outlandish, Dr. David Ghozland, M.D. and board-certified OBGYN, tells EXCLUSIVELY there are some real health benefits to the weird practice!

“More and more pregnant women are requesting that their placenta be saved after their baby is delivered, so they they can consume it. The placenta is rich in iron and nutrients,” Dr. Ghozland tells

“When a woman delivers a baby, she loses a lot of blood and the body is in need of iron. It has been said that the placenta also contains hormones that help elevate the mood, increase energy levels and alleviate pain,” he adds.

Aleks Evanguelidi, a Midwife and Clinical Director at the Sanctuary Birth & Wellness Center — plus a mom herself — also agrees.

“The placenta offers tremendous health benefits, including replenishing blood loss, helping with hair loss, helps with milk production, balances the hormones,” she tells “My clients have had extraordinary results. They feel more energetic after giving birth, they are less prone to postpartum depression, the speed of recovery is much faster.

Dr. Ghozland warns that while many women swear by it, the positive effects have not been proven by the FDA.

Eating Your Own Placenta Is ‘Common For Mammals’

Even though the practice seems strange, Dr. Ghozland says it’s fairly common for animals to eat their own placentas!

“It is common for mammals to eat their placenta after giving birth. In fact, most animals do eat their placenta as a source of food and nutrients. After the baby is delivered, the placenta is put on ice and is taken to a facility where it is then freeze dried and made into small capsules, kind of like vitamins.”

“Eating your placenta is in no way harmful, but my concern is how it is processed,” he cautions.  ”There are lots of mom and pop shops out there claiming they know how to process the placenta into capsules, but you want to make sure that it is being done is a clean environment. The equipment being used has to be clean.”

Sounds like a perfectly safe practice — we just hope Kim gets the benefits she’s looking for!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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