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Justin Bieber: The Real Reason Selena Gomez & Other Girls Love Him

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158450213-192x300Justin has millions of girls screaming his name and drooling over him on a daily basis. Bill Nye the Science Guy tells exclusively why Justin’s so appealing!

Selena Gomez can’t seem to quit Justin Bieber. After multiple breakups, the two continue to get back together, even if it’s for short periods of time. Thanks to Bill Nye the Science Guy, we know exactly why Selena keeps going back to Justin. (Hint: It has to do with sex!)


Justin Bieber’s Attractive — Bill Nye the Science Guy Explains Why

Bill Nye tells exclusively, “What drives you as an organism and what drives you as a gene is your desire to reproduce! Women, let’s say girls like Justin Bieber for very good reasons, he is good looking, he has a good ear. You have to think that his genes would be worthy! So deep within girls and women is the desire to make more people and they are instinctively are drawn to such a good looking young man. I mean he is no Bill Nye! (Laughter) He’s doing what he can… But it’s all about sex, it’s all about passing your genes into the future.”

We can certainly see why women would want to have a baby with Justin. Even Mariah Yeater and an unidentified Swedish woman reported that they were once impregnated by the Biebs. Perhaps they were hoping they’d be the lucky one to pass on Justin’s genes. Unfortunately for them, Justin has denied these baby daddy claims, so his genes are still up for grabs!

More Reasons Justin Bieber Is So Appealing To Selena Gomez

We’ve also learned that Selena, 20, is attracted to Justin, 19, because he’s the future “King of Pop.”

Another source tells us, “Justin is like the Michael Jackson of our era, so it’s beneficial for her.” Butshe’s not using Justin to boost her career. The source adds, “She’s got her own talent though, she’ll be okay. They do like each other. It’s young love.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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