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Justin Bieber: Hooking Up With Other People During Selena Gomez Break?

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justinHollywoodLife broke the news EXCLUSIVELY that Justin and Selena split (again!). Is the 19-year-old superstar feeling down or has he already gotten back in the saddle? Read on.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s on-again, off-again relationship is really beginning to turn into an epic roller coaster ride. Less than two months since their reunion, and the pop stars are already back in splitsville. A source now tells exclusively that the Biebs isn’t letting his rocky relationship bring him down, and that he might already be testing the waters for other fish in the sea!


Justin Bieber Hooking Up With Other Girls?

When asked if Justin was already hooking up with other girls now that he’s on a break from Selena, a source close to Justin said, “He does his thing, he is low key. He is quiet about it.”

While that isn’t exactly an affirmation that Justin’s playing the field, it definitely isn’t a denial. Especially when you consider that Justin was spotted out in Miami on June 2 partying with a ton of cute girls. “Yes, tons of girls kept flirting with him or at least tried to flirt with him,” an eyewitness told exclusively. “He seemed pretty happy.”

Justin concluded his night out on June 2 by reportedly hitting up Wonderland, a Miami strip club, until 6 a.m. It’s safe to say Justin is definitely “doing his thing,” though maybe not so quietly.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez’s On-Off Relationship

Perhaps going to the clubs and fraternizing with a ton of ladies is just how Justin deals with the chaos of his relationship with Selena. After all, the wounds are pretty fresh. Just yesterday on June 4, revealed that the Biebs and Selena were broken up yet again: “They are not together right now,” a source said. “They are just friends. They are always on and off.”

Justin and Selena just can’t seem to get into a flow right now, which is unfortunate. And if the Biebs wants to see what else is out there while he’s on a break from Selena, the more power to him!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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