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Rihanna Wears A Bra Out Shopping In Paris

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rihanna parisThe ever-so-sexy singer dared to bare in a lace bandeau and a blazer while shopping and strolling in Paris! Did she pull off this sexy look?

Leave it to Rihanna to try to pass off her bra as a top. The 25-year-old singer took to Paris to flaunt her petite figure in a white lace bandeau that matched her white skirt and blazer. While at first glance it looked like she was sporting a cool crop top, up close you can clearly see RiRi’s wearing a bra!


Rihanna’s Bra In Paris:

Rihanna was shopping at Chanel and Colette in Paris, France on June 4 when she donned a tiny white lace bandeau, a white blazer, and a white high-waisted pleated skirt. She added some metallic platform sneakers and two gold Chanel pins on her lapel, topping it off with her Chanel medallion necklace and white glasses that stuck to the theme of her monochrome get-up.

After she was spotted shopping, RiRi grabbed a quick meal at L’avenue. We are a little on the edge about whether or not her outfit was appropriate for a nice dinner in Paris — but hey, that’s Rihanna for you!

RiRi once again pulled off an outfit that practially no one else would have been able to. She looked gorgeous in her trendy outfit — even though she was just in a lace bralette walking around Paris! While we don’t recommend it for those of you at home, we have come to expect to see RiRi step out in outrageous looks. In fact, during a recent dinner in NYC she went to a restaurant with her shirt totally open!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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