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Kanye West Is ‘Crazy Happy’ To Be Having A Girl

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634.KanyeWest.KimKardashian.jc.12612The controversial rapper may have a tough-as-nails persona, but a source close to Kanye tells HollywoodLife  EXCLUSIVELY that he is so excited to have a little girl — and wants to spoil his daughter rotten!

When Kim Kardashian found out she was having a girl on the season eight premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she said that her boyfriend Kanye West had always wanted a daughter.


Kanye West’s Baby Girl — ‘Can’t Wait’ For Daughter To Arrive

A source close to Kanye reveals to us EXCLUSIVELY that the “New Slaves” rapper isn’t just happy — he’s ecstatic!

“That’s an understatement — he is crazy happy!” the insider reveals. “He can’t wait for his little princess to get here.”

But while Kanye is super happy to have a baby daughter to spoil, the source says Kanye is just happy to be a dad period, no matter the gender.

“It doesn’t really matter to him what sex his baby will be, the most important thing is that the baby is healthy,” the source adds. “He’s ready to be a father, and this girl of his lucky to have a pops like him.”

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