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Rihanna Makes Fun Of Chris Brown By Calling Him A ‘Queen’?

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Rihanna1-250x350We all know there is nothing Rihanna loves more than tweeting messages directed at Chris, and in her latest tweet she calls out his masculinity!

Rihanna does not have love for Chris Brown right now! The singer tweeted a cryptic message on June 3, where she appeared to be dissing her former boyfriend for being a “Queen.” Ouch!


Rihanna’s New Chris Brown Diss — Can’t Be A King Because He’s A ‘Queen’

Rihanna, 25, tweeted: “Baby how you gon’ be a King when you acting like a Queen?!” and it looks like a clear jab at Chris! This is not the first time Rihanna has called Chris out for not acting like a King.

It’s safe to say the ice won’t be thawing between them any time soon!

Currently Rihanna is in Europe for her Diamonds tour, while Chris is working in the States making new music, and there is no hope for a reconciliation because she is tired of Chris blowing her hot and cold.

Rihanna Is Tired Of Chris Brown’s ‘Games’

“[Rihanna] is tired of the games he’s playing and she’s getting too old to let a [man mess] with her mind — she doesn’t have time for that!,” a source close to the singer tells “She’s done [messing] with him on that type of level but as far as feelings for him, she will always love him,” the source explains. “That’s been her [man] for days, so the love is always going to be there.”

Although Rihanna cares for Chris, she’s tired of playing games with him and a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that RiRi is not interested in getting back together.

“She’s tired of this back and forth s**t [with Chris]. [Rihanna] wants someone that’s going to be down for her and respect her. She just need to be about her tour and not worry about that fool. She’ll be all right. She’s the most eligible b**** in town.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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