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Chrissy Teigen Slams Jennifer Lopez’s Team: They Need to “Calm The F*ck Down”

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Chrissy-Teigen-205x300Chrissy Teigen may admireJennifer Lopez — but she hasno love for J. Lo’s entourage.

The model attended Saturday’s giant Chime for Change concert in London with her beau John Legend, who shared the bill with Lopez and other performers.

Teigen, whose tweets last week about Amanda Bynes led the actress to bash her, took to Twitter again to note her frustration with Lopez’s team backstage.

I won’t get into it but Jennifer Lopez’ people need to calm the f*ck down,” wrote Teigen in a since-deleted post.

She continued, “I love Jennifer Lopez. But as I am sitting and watching John perform, I don’t need her people to lay down the j-lo laws.”

Teigen reiterated that her problem was not with Lopez herself.

She shall still be my face and hair idol. Her people can kick rocks,” wrote Teigen.

She explained, “I have never once been asked to leave an area for an artist’s supreme arrival. Maybe I should carry around a horn and streamers.”

“I’m bummed because I really loved her d*mmit,” concluded Teigen. “Anyhow, moving on.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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