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Selena Gomez Reveals Plans For Her 21st Birthday Party

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selena getThe big 2-1 is rapidly approaching for Selena, and you can tell she’s getting excited. In a new interview the singer revealed her plans for the big day. Will Justin Bieber be a part of them?

If you can believe it, Selena Gomez isn’t even 21 yet — but that’ll all change soon on July 22! It’s obviously a big milestone birthday, and the “Come & Get It” singer admitted that she plans to ring it in with a legendary party.


Selena Gomez’s Big 21st Birthday Party Plans

As the guest host of “New Music Live” on Canada’s MuchMusic on May 30, the subject of Selena turning 21 came up. A huge smile spread across the singer’s face as she acknowledged that her birthday on July 22 was going to be a big day and that turning 21 is such a big deal it deserves proper commemorating.

“Obviously in America 21 is the age,” Selena said while laughing, “so I’m gonna actually have a really big party. I wanna have a great party — I’m gonna invite my friends and my family, and I’m definitely gonna celebrate.”

The sexy singer then joked that she might “civilly” indulge in some champagne. Right, just champagne.

What Will Justin Bieber Do For Selena Gomez’s Birthday?

All this talk about Selena throwing a blowout party for her birthday has got us thinking — what are Justin Bieber’s plans for the big day?

Since the two are officially reunited and their relationship is going slow but steady, we’re assuming he definitely got an invite. But just showing up to his girlfriend’s party isn’t quite Justin’s style — he likely has something huge up his sleeve.

The Biebs conveniently has off days from his “Believe” tour on July 21 and 22, so nothing will be holding him back. Last year he gave a romantic speech at Selena’s birthday party that brought her to tears, so the bar has been set pretty high!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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