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Keyshawn Johnson Slams Justin Bieber Over Speeding Scandal

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justinThe Biebs’ retired NFL star neighbor is still fuming over his alleged speeding scandal! Amidst new reports that Justin wasn’t the one behind the wheel, Keyshawn says that Justin has to stop trying to evade responsibility and answer for his crimes.

Justin Bieber may be trying to avoid getting in trouble for allegedly speeding in his Calabasas, Calif. neighborhood, but he should also look out for his neighbor Keyshawn Johnson. Because the ex-NFL star is angry.


Keyshawn Johnson Disses Justin Bieber: He’s Entitled

“We try to get behind gates so we can enjoy our families and enjoy our lifestyle, but you got a 19-year-old kid feeling entitled speeding up and down the highway,” Keyshawn told TMZ. The retired football player is still hung up on the May 27 incident, when Justin was accused of dangerously speeding through his residential gated community.

Police reportedly answered multiple complaints by neighbors and have written up a reckless driving report on Justin that they are presenting to the district attorney’s office, an LA County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson told “It could lead to him being charged with reckless driving for driving at a startling high rate of speed,” the spokesperson said. “We tried to talk to him last night but he declined to speak with us, we will keep trying.”

Justin Bieber’s Speeding Scandal: Was Tyler, The Creator Driving?

However, also reported EXCLUSIVELY that Justin’s rapper friend Tyler, the Creator was actually the one driving on May 27. “Tyler was with Justin all weekend and he asked if he could take Justin’s car for a spin,” a source close to Justin told us. “Justin walked outside to grab the car and pull it into the garage once Tyler was back from driving around. But when he saw the police outside he walked back in because he didn’t want to get involved since he wasn’t the one driving. Tyler tried to tell police that he was the one driving but no one would listen to him.”

As for that report, Keyshawn believes it’s a boldfaced lie. “I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and white kid driving a car… I got biracial kids,” he said. The LASD stated that they were investigating this new development.

Keyshawn Johnson: Justin Bieber ‘Has To Answer To The D.A.’

Keyshawn continued saying he thinks Justin is just shirking responsibility for his actions and hiding behind “handlers, running around, kissing [his] ass.” When it all comes down to it, Keyshawn says, Justin is going to have to face the law: “He doesn’t have to answer to me, he has to answer to the D.A.”

Harsh words from the Biebs’ neighbor. We hope this whole mess gets figured out. If Justin really is guilty, he should own up to his mistake like Keyshawn says. And we think he also might have to move!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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