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Rihanna Posts: ‘I’ll Be Here Forever’ — Message To Chris Brown?

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Rihanna1-250x350The singer posted a message that makes us think that she’s talking about waiting for Chris to come back to her! What’s your take on it?

Rihanna will always love Chris Brown and she just said it again. We were shocked when we went on her Instagram and saw this but we always knew they’d stay in love. Now do you think they’ll get back together?

Rihanna’s Special Message For Chris Brown

The singer wrote on May 31: “Told you I’ll be here forever!!! #NavyLifeDoe.” This can only be about one thing, Chris! It’s a love post and we know how much she loves to write about her feelings. With the sweet words was a pic of herself on stage performing.

How Rihanna Has Been Coping With The Break Up

We told you that RiRi appears to be taking the break up okay.

“Being free, free from all the stress and bulls**t that was once in her life [makes her feel sexy],” a source told says. “She feels free for once and just living it up and getting ready to handle her business and get out of here on her tour.”

We just hope these two can work things out. Do you think Chris and Rihanna will get back together?Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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