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Kim Kardashian Treating Pregnancy Anxiety With Hypnotherapy

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kim babyIt is common for pregnant women to feel a wave of emotions, including major anxiety, and Kim is no different. can tell you EXCLUSIVELY that the reality star is hoping to get relief from all that by working with a hypnotherapist.

When Kate Middleton was suffering from debilitating morning sickness, she sought the help of hypnotherapy. Now Kim Kardashian is following in her footsteps with the support of her loved ones.

Hypnotherapy Helps Kim Kardashian ‘Deal With Her Anxiety’

A friend of the Kardashian family tells EXCLUSIVELY, “Kim has been seeing a hypnotherapist to help her deal with her anxiety about giving birth. She got the idea from Kate Middleton who had been working with a hypnotherapist that helped her with morning sickness.”

“She’s nervous and is getting more anxious about the big day. Her family is supporting her and thinks its a good idea,” explains the insider. “Plus Kim really admires Kate and hopes to meet her one day and have a playdate.”

How Hypnotherapy Helped Kate Middleton

Hypnotherapist Charles Whobrey, who runs My Sunny Mind in Los Angeles, EXCLUSIVELY:

More and more women are seeking hypnotherapy during their pregnancy to help with a wide range of health concerns, including morning sickness and anxiety which can both be quite debilitating. After weight loss and smoking cessation, the use of hypnotherapy for pregnant women has drastically increased over the past couple of years.

“We have seen so many benefits for pregnant women such as lower levels of stress and anxiety, easier deliveries, faster recovery rates, and just an overall happier pregnancy,” says Charles. “Even stressed out, first-time dads can benefit from hypnotherapy!”

When asked if Kim should continue with hypnotherapy after she gives birth, Charles says “Yes, I would highly recommend that Kim, like Kate Middleton, continue with hypnotherapy. Both Kim and Kate are in the public eye, so they probably experience higher levels of anxiety in the first place. Everyone can benefit from positive visualizations of health and wellness, and recreating beliefs that no longer serve you.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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