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Heidi Klum “Hates” Howard Stern?

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Screen-Shot-2013-05-30-at-9.37.03-AMHeidi Klum “hates” her fellow “America’s Got Talent” judge Howard Stern, claims theNational Enquirer.

According to a tabloid insider, “Heidi’s been planning to play it nice for the cameras right from the June 4 premiere, but she secretly can’t stand Howard.”

“She’ll never forget how he made fun or her eating habits and thick German accent and cracked cruel Nazi jokes,” explains theEnquirer source. “The last straw came when Howard made fun of her mother.”

The mag’s spy adds, “Heidi confronted Howard when they started taping. He called his remarks ‘innocent comedy,’ but she’s still steaming.”

“Heidi may be a world-famous supermodel, but she’s got her own hidden talent — putting on a poker face,” says the Enquirer insider. “She’ll have everyone thinking that she likes Howard, but Heidi says she joined ‘AGT’ to do a job — not make friends.”


In other words, the Enquirer knows that its report is a reach, so the tab is covering its behind by announcing that Klum is keeping her hatred of Stern a secret.

Rumored feuds between Stern and other “AGT” panelists have come and gone

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