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Katie Holmes “Moving On” With Co-Star Luke Kirby?

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Screen-shot-2013-05-29-at-12.37.29-PM-279x400Katie Holmes has a “new man,” announces the cover of OK!, which reports that the actress is finally “moving on” from Tom Cruise with her Mania Days co-star Luke Kirby.

So, does the mag have anything new to add, or is it just picking up blog drivel because it has no actual news to report?

Well, the tabloid says that Kirby and Holmes were recently spotted at a New York fast food restaurant after a day of filming, and quotes a so-called “observer” as saying, “Luke also eats his lunch with Katie in her private trailer” on the movie’s set.

Ooh… they eat food together during and after work.

Another alleged source claims the pair “have spent a lot of time together in her apartment rehearsing lines.”

Would the mag prefer the actors do improv in their movie?

Anyway, one of the tab’s supposed “insiders” says, “The word on-set is that they’re hot and heavy — you can totally tell the chemistry between them. Katie obviously has it bad for Luke!”


The bogus source goes on to allege that Holmes and Kirby are denying they’re a couple because they’re supposedly “desperate to keep the state of their relationship under wraps until it’s at least had a chance to start.”

Nice cover.


Holmes and Kirby are denying they’re an item because… wait for it… they’re not an item!

Crazy, huh?

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