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Brad Pitt “Begging” Angelina Jolie to Marry Right Away After Double Mastectomy?

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140014208-319x400Brad Pitt is “begging” Angelina Jolie to marry him immediately in the wake of her preventative double mastectomy, claims OK!

The magazine cites a “family insider” who says, “When Brad proposed, he agreed with Angelina that they’d have a long engagement, but he’s sick of waiting.”

“He’s wanted to marry her ever since he adoptedMaddox, and every time they adopted a new child, Brad would repropose,” explains the OK!source.

The alleged insider continues, “Now, what they faced and went through together with Angie’s health scare made Brad realize there’s only so long you have on this planet. It’s brought them closer than ever before and he wants to make her his wife now!”

We have no doubt that Jolie’s experience has brought the couple closer together.

And even before her crisis, Pitt had expressed his feeling that they’d wed “soon.”

But OK! has its own agenda here — last month, the tabloid falsely claimed that Jolie and Pitt were already married in secret.

It was just the latest in the tab’s long history of mis-reporting the couple’s alleged wedding plans.

While Jolie and Pitt will likely make good on their intention to marry at some point — maybe even soon — OK! has no inside information on the nuptials’ timetable.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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