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Kate Middleton Open To Having C-Section To Deliver Royal Baby

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kateThe Duchess of Cambridge is once again open to defying royal tradition if it’s what the doctors say! Kate Middleton is leaving it up to the royal doctors to decide if the royal baby will be born naturally or via C-section.

In her final weeks of pregnancy, Kate Middleton is making major decisions regarding the arrival of the royal baby. As her due date draws closer, Kate will take doctors’ advice on whether or not she will have a C-section.


Kate Will Let Doctors Decide On Birthing Method

That’s right, Kate is going to leave it up to the royal doctors’ to decide what method is appropriate for the royal baby. Robert Jobson, a royal correspondent, tells Nowmagazine that it’s all in the royal doctors’ hands.

“When it comes to the birth itself, Kate will leave all the decisions to the doctors on the day about whether it’s a natural birth, what pain control she’ll have or if it needs to be a Caesarean,” Robert says.

Kate Also Considering Breastfeeding

Like Princess Diana, Kate is considering going against the royal tradition toward breastfeeding. Diana was reportedly the first royal breastfeed her first son Prince William, so if Kate decides to go that route, it would be a fairly new royal trend. In an interview on 20/20: Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition, author Daisy Goodwin says Kate will probably fall in line with most regular women in the United Kingdom:

“I’m sure she’ll do exactly what most women in this country do which is to breastfeed,” Daisy says.

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