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Robert Pattinson Looks Sad Without Kristen Stewart In New NYC Pic

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roberryYet another pic from Rob’s early May trip to New York has surfaced, and he’s looking pretty glum! Read on.

We got our first look into a wild night Robert Pattinson had while in New York City back in the beginning of the month when an Instagram photo hit the internet on May 24. Now we’ve got a follow-up photo, but Rob doesn’t look like he’s having nearly as good of a time in it!


Robert Pattinson Parties With Friends In Newly-Released Pic

The picture is another black and white photo taken with the same three friends — musician Matthew Daniel SiskinKaty Perry’s assistant Tamra Natisin, and playwright Polly Stenham. It’s most likely from the same night as the first photo, which also showed the four friends having fun and goofing off for the camera.

Rob looked steamy and sexy in that picture, but in this one he just looks glum, or at least under the weather. He may have been missing Kristen at the time. Or perhaps it was just later in the night, because we think we’ve seen that look on his face before when he’s been “tired” after a long night out.

Robert Pattinson: Sad Or Independent Without Kristen Stewart?

Though we’re just seeing the picture now, it does help give some retroactive perspective on Rob’s split from Kristen Stewart. Combining these two Instagram photos, it’s clear Rob had a night of free revelry with his good friends, and he seems to have enjoyed the independence in New York while Kristen was across the country in Los Angeles.

That trip could have opened his eyes and made him realize that he wasn’t as tied to Kristen as he thought.

Who knows, perhaps Katy planted that reported seed that “he deserved better” back then, when they were both in New YorkFollow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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