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Kristen Stewart Out With Friend: Moving On From Robert Pattinson?

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kristen stewartK-Stew was out and about on May 26, grabbing a Memorial Day meal with a friend. She was looking confident and not at all flustered — is she starting to feel better after her tough split from Rob?

This is what we like to see – Kristen Stewart getting out of the house and enjoying a beautiful day in Los Angeles with her friends. She wasn’t letting her breakup (or the overwhelming media attention) bother her on May 26 when she hit up a laid back LA restaurant with a gal pal.


Kristen Stewart’s Lunch Date

K-Stew was rocking her usual punk-casual look — white tee, jeans, vintage Nike sneakers — as she and her friend coolly strutted down Hyperion Avenue in Los Angeles. She seemed to be in much better spirits — even though people were still snapping her picture left and right, she didn’t let it get to her and just seemed focused on having a nice private lunch.

She and her friend went to Hyperion Public, an upscale pub that puts a gourmet spin on the bar-food classics. The gastropub was showing the NBA and NHL playoffs as well — perhaps K-Stew caught a game while chowing down on some chicken wings!

Kristen Stewart Flips Photographers The Bird

Kristen’s Memorial Day weekend lunch date is a great sign, as her frustration and sadness over her breakup with Robert Pattinson was really starting to show. On May 23, Kristen was leaving a salon with a couple of friends when paparazzi swarmed, and she really let them know how she felt by flipping them her middle fingers.

HollywoodLife reported EXCLUSIVELY that Kristen was “taking the split the hardest,” the photographers who got in her face clearly just pushed her over the edge.

But she definitely looked more confident and in control three days later. Maybe she’s starting to feel more comfortable with the single lifeFollow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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