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Kim Kardashian Trips Over Her Long Black Dress — Love Or Loathe?

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kimkimKim’s struggles with maternity dressing were apparent on May 24 when she stumbled over her own long, flowing dress. Despite the clumsiness though, we don’t think she looked too bad at all! Do you love or loathe Kim’s white-on-black look? Vote below!

Usually Kim Kardashian’s fashion issues aren’t this obvious. But on May 24 the pregnant reality star stepped out for dinner in a black maxi dress that might’ve just been a tad too long for her 5’3″ frame. As she headed to a restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calif., she totally tripped over herself and was barely — but awkwardly — able to keep her balance!


Kim Kardashian Falls Over Too-Long Dress

She continued on bravely and admirably, keeping her head to concentrate on side-stepping the overly long black dress. Kim might’ve been feeling embarrassed about the stumble, but she didn’t show it as she maintained her composure and elegant posture.

Finally, she just held the dress up and power-walked into the restaurant.

Kim Kardashian: Baby Bump Elegance In Black Maxi Dress

On paper this sounds like a huge wardrobe disaster, but besides the dress being a little too long, we think Kim actually looked great! The dress accentuated Kim’s curves and flaunted her baby bump in a good way.

And the rest of the outfit was executed flawlessly. Kim topped her black dress with a bright white blazer — a go-to move for her that always seems to pay off. And the mom-to-be finished it off with a pair of amazing flat sandals. The black leather sandals with gold accents wrapped around Kimmy’s ankles and made her look fierce and powerful.

The outfit had to be good — it almost made us forget about Kim’s embarrassing stumble!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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