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Rihanna: Partying Too Hard To Get Over Chris Brown Breakup — Report

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ririIs RiRi still having trouble handling her breakup from Chris? A new report claims that the singer’s friends are concerned her rockstar ways are not the right medicine for moving on.

Rihanna parties hard, plain and simple. It’s part of her persona. But what happens when you add heartbreak to Rihanna’s usual rockstar-like attitude? The results allegedly haven’t been good, and RiRi’s friends are beginning to worry.


Rihanna: ‘Partying The Pain Away’

People close to the Unapologetic singer have begun to raise concerns that she isn’thandling her breakup with Chris Brown properly, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

“Pals have told Rihanna not to get upset about Chris and Karrueche. They think the best revenge would be living well and looking good, but so far Rihanna’s answer has been to party the pain away,” a source close to Rihanna said. The singer’s friends are concerned for her mental and physical health — she has reportedly dropped two dress sizes since the split.

“It’s understandable that she’d want to escape her feelings on this but she’s taking it way too far,” the source continued. “Everyone around her wants her to get some help — they’re genuinely worried about her.”

Rihanna ‘Needs To Detox & Refocus’

Like we said, Rihanna is known to be a party animal, but her binge this time around reportedly feels more serious. “She’s not in a good place and looks like she’s self-destructing,” the source said. “Her friends are really worried about her and think she needs to take time out to detox and refocus.”

Obviously, Rihanna’s pain is hers alone to bear, and how she bears it is ultimately up to her. If she is actually taking the partying too far, we hope she’ll come back to normal soon. She’s a fierce, strong woman with a lot of support around her — it will take time, but she is definitely capable of getting over Chris.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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