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Scott Disick Offers Khloe Kardashian $100 To Drink Kourtney’s Breast Milk (VIDEO)

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Screen-shot-2013-05-24-at-10.20.33-AMThe Kardashians are doing weird things with breast milk again.

First, Kim Kardashian stole Kourtney’s breast milk to treat her psoriasis, and now, Scott Disick is offering Khloe money to drink the stuff.


In a video uploaded to Keek on Thursday, Disick tells Khloe, “I got a wager for you. I’ve got a hundred bucks with your name on it if you drink some of this fine, freshly squeezed breast milk.”

“I’ll take a sip for $500,” Khloe says.

Check out the video below.

Would you do it for $500?

Got milk?

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