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Rihanna: You’re Right Not To Take Chris Brown Back

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Rihanna1-250x350Rihanna, you’ve decided to put your romance with Chris in your rear window. You more than gave it your best shot. Now it’s time to forget him!

Rihanna – we’ve learned from an exclusive source, that you don’t want Chris Brown back. And that’s such a mature and right-on decision.


Rihanna, Any Man Would Be Lucky To Have You

“She’s tired of this back and forth s–t (with Chris), a source close to you told HollywoodLife. She “wants someone that’s going to be down for her and respect her… she’s the most eligible girl in town.”

Well Rihanna, that’s the truth. You ARE the most eligible young woman in America — maybe in the world right now! You’re smart, talented, super successful, career-focused, wealthy, gorgeous and sexy.

Any man would be beyond lucky to get a date with you. And not only are you a star in every way, you are also one kind, compassionate and thoughtful person.

You are always sweet and responsive to your fans, but you made an incredible gift to the people of your home country, Barbados.

You donated $1 million in memory of your beloved Gran Gran Dolly, to Queen Elizabeth Hospital to establish a radiotherapy department to help save the lives of other cancer patients.

In other words, for countless reasons, you are an incredible catch.

You Can’t Help How Chris Feels

The fact that Chris has decided that he needs to be “single” now after all that you two have gone through to be together — is inexplicable.

But sometimes people do things that simply don’t seem to make any sense.

And you can’t control that. You can’t control how Chris wants to “do it solo,” and focus on being “the best Chris Brown” he can be right now.

He needs to do whatever he needs to do for whatever personal reasons that he has.

So you are very right to “not worry about that fool,” according to the source. You have better things to do — A LOT better things to do.

I’m sure you’re very disappointed that after all the “UNAPOLOGETIC” support and love you have given Chris, especially with the history that you two have, that he has chosen to go his own way.

He may very well still love you — but you can’t waste time on him, if he can’t commit to a monogamous relationship with you. You don’t need the nonsense of any sort of love triangle with he and Karruche Tran.

You are very mature to have taken the attitude that you “let him go and [you] wish Chris well,” according to our source.

Rihanna: You’re Smart To Take Time Finding A New Man

Rihanna — we hear that you are feeling good, that you want a little time to yourself and aren’t ready to jump into a new relationship, and that’s smart too.

You should take your time. “If someone comes across her path, and they’re both feeling it, then she’d make a move,” another source close to you told us. But you’re not “searching” for anybody. ”She’s not thirsty, thats all, ” explains the source.

Good strategy.

Rihanna — you already know it and we at HollywoodLife support you. You gave Chris a second chance. He’s just not ready to give you what you need, so it’s time for you to stop wasting another minute on a man that isn’t willing to thank his lucky stars he’s with you.

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