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Miranda Kerr Slammed For Dissing Orlando Bloom With Sexy Pic

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mirandaAfter getting caught in photos suffering a double nip slip, the former Victoria’s Secret model has gotten herself into more hot water after posting a picture on her Instagram showing her getting cozy with another man. Are the fans overreacting?

Who knew Orlando Bloom fans could be so vigilant? They’ve been piling on his wife, Miranda Kerr, ever since she posted a photo of herself and fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco being touchy-feely on Instagram on May 15.


Miranda Kerr’s Sexy Instagram Photo: Disrespecting Orlando Bloom?

The photo shows Mariano’s burly arms lovingly wrapped around Miranda, as she smiles and tenderly holds onto him. “Shooting with @marianovivanco today!” Miranda tweeted along with a heart emoticon.

For many fans, the photo was in poor taste, especially since Miranda and Orlando have often faced tabloid rumors that their marriage is on the rocks. Many believed that Miranda was rubbing it in her husband’s face, blatantly disrespecting him.

“Miranda, oh no. Orlando won’t be happy,” one commenter posted. “I don’t think Orlando would be too happy,” said another fan. And yet another added, “Girl, Orlando should be holding you like THAT.”

Fans Rush To Miranda Kerr’s Defense: ‘It’s Just A Hug’

Miranda also had her share of defenders though. “For god sake, don’t judge a person by one photo, people,” a fan said.

“I hug people all the time. Regardless of gender, regardless of whether or not I’m taken. Chill out guys. It’s just a hug. No reason to make a big deal out of nothing,” a sensible-sounding commenter added.

The amount of hate that Miranda is getting for this single photograph is pretty shocking. First of all, she’s a model — she takes suggestive, sexy pictures all the time. No doubt Orlando knew that when he married her. Secondly, Mariano is a photographer who clearly has a good, friendly — and likely professional — relationship with Miranda. A photographer and a model having a good time on set and hugging once doesn’t seem very inappropriate at all.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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