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Kanye West Loves Pregnant Kim Kardashian ‘No Matter What Size’

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kimkannyPregnant Kim K has been slammed with negative comments about her weight during her pregnancy, and has even Instagrammed pics of her huge plumped-up lips. But HollywoodLife.com has learned EXCLUSIVELY what really Kanye thinks of her growing shape.

Kim Kardashian has been struggling with how much weight she has gained throughout her pregnancy, as featured in the season eight trailer for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But a source close to boyfriend Kanye West reveals to us EXCLUSIVELY that he still loves his woman no matter how big she gets!


Kim Kardashian’s Weight — Kanye West Loves Her Size

A source close to the rapper tells us  EXCLUSIVELY:

“Kanye’s not tripping at all on how Kim’s looking these days. He thinks she looks good big, medium, small, he don’t give a f***. It comes with being pregnant. He loves her, no matter how big or small it is,” the insider says.

Kim Kardashian Feels ‘Insecure’ About Weight Gain

Since Kim is known for her hot body and killer curves, it’s no surprise she was feeling a little down about her changing shape. But the insider says Kanye is always there to reassure her and make her feel good abut herself.

“All women feel insecure when they gain weight from being pregnant. Kim’s no different. She’s human, too. Kanye tells her all the time how pretty she is and what a remarkable woman she is and how he’s happy to begin raising a family with her,” the insider adds. “He reassures her all the time how beautiful she is — and she knows that too. Sometimes, I just think she wants the attention. Kim’s not stupid, she knows she’s a 10.”

How sweet! We think Kim looks great too — there’s nothing more beautiful than being a mom!

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