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CLAIM: Lindsay Lohan Invited “Drug Dealer to Visit” Her at Betty Ford Center

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Screen-Shot-2012-11-16-at-6.10.01-PM-300x235Lindsay Lohan Invites Drug Dealer To Visit Her In Rehab!” screams the headline of a piece from RadarOnline.

The webloid then quotes a so-called “source” who not only lays out the site’s claims in one tidy sentence, but also does so with remarkable grammar: “Lindsay advised Betty Ford that she wanted to invite a male friend, whom it’s known she partied with for years and had provided drugs to her, including cocaine.”

The blog’s “insider” adds that Lohan’s “treatment team nixed the plan and prohibited the dealer from making it onto the clinic’s grounds.”

Then, RadarOnline writes that it “has chosen not to reveal the identity of her drug dealer.”

That’s interesting because the webloid not only revealed the person’s name in a previous post, but also published the man’s nickname.

Anyway, Gossip Cop reached out to Lohan’s dad, Michael Lohan, who called the RadarOnline story “crazy” and said he “doubts it’s true.”

Just a reminder: RadarOnline is the same outlet that reported Lohan was working as an “escort” (untrue), had Courtney Love as her “sobriety coach” (BS), and was going to compete on “Dancing with the Stars” (wrong).

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