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Psy Impersonator Tricks Organizers and Celebs at Cannes Film Festival

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Fake-Psy-251x300Psy impersonator (left photo) completely fooled partygoers and other celebs at the Cannes Film Festival.

An unidentified man, dressed to look like Psy — and surrounded by “bodyguards” — was warmly greeted and photographed at Cannes events and exclusive parties.

That is, until the real Psy (right photo) called out the faker on Twitter.

“Seems like there’s another ME at cannes . . . say Hi to him. Lol,” tweeted the actual Psy on Wednesday, half the world away in Singapore.

The South Korean singer even had a sense of humor about it, tweeting a pic of a fan with the impostor (see below), along with the message, “Here the picture of Fake PSY in Cannes… LOL.”

And while the singer thought it was funny, Gossip Cop hears several organizers of events were less amused, having given the faux Psy a slew of freebies.

Also tricked was Skyfall actress Naomie Harris, who tweeted what she thought was a picture of herself with the singer (see below).

She wrote, “Me and Psy at the Chopard party in Cannes! Xx.”

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