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‘The Voice’ Recap: Emotions Run High During Top 10 Performances

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thevoiceOne of the top runners on season four of ‘The Voice’ was faced with a huge challenge, when her coach chose a song for her that hit extremely close to home.

The Voice was full of powerful voices and amazing talent when the Top 10 took the stage on May 20. The pressure was on and the contestants rose to the occasion, delivering their best — and most emotional performances yet. One performance even caused Blake Shelton to “wet his pants,” according to Adam Levine!


Maroon 5 Opens Show In White Out Performance

Maroon 5 took the stage first to perform their new song “Love Somebody.”

With a white backdrop and all white outfits, Adam looking and sounded perfect in his basic tee. The performance was sexy, sweet, and entertaining – the way that everything he does turns out.

Then came the competition!

Adam Levine’s Team Gets Emotional & Powerful

Judith Hill took on “The Way You Make Me Feel,” by Michael Jackson, who she worked with and became close with right before his death. It was emotional for Judith, but she rocked it! Her sexy performance impressed all the judges — like all of her performances do!

Usher especially felt for Judith and really related to her.

“I, too have always been an incredible fan of the inspiration and creator and singer of the song, so it almost conjured the same emotions that I think you’re feeling right now. Just hearing the song, I miss him.” he said. “I miss him so much.”

Amber Carrington also took on a song that related to her: “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson. Blake and Usher were impressed with her (and the wind they used to blow her hair around).

Sarah Simmons however, really brought out the love in the judges. She wanted to perform something more upbeat, so she chose “Mama Knows Best.” The first note alone was incredible, and it was just a preview for the rest of her song.

Blake continued to yell out how sexy she was. Usher agreed, telling her that she’s “got it,” and that he felt “some energy,” too. Then, Adam fanned himself down, showing her just how hot her performance was, and added that he loved
“hearing Blake wet his pants over you.”

Blake Shelton’s Country Team Hits High Note

Blake’s all-country team showed up ready to fight for their spots!

Holly Tucker went back to her roots, singing gospel song “How Great Thou Art.” Usher didn’t love it, but Shakira called it “heavenly,” and Blake really loved it, relating it to the horrific disaster that occurred in his home state of Oklahoma.

The Swon Brothers performed “How Country Feels,” a super fun country song. The judges were smitten by the brothers, as per usual, after they put on such an impressive and down right country show!

Danielle Bradbery took on a  ”Heads Carolina, Tails California,” making us all forget she’s only 16. Apparently, Usher also forgot since he said he’d go to California or Carolina with her!

Shakira Chooses Top 40 Songs For Sasha & Kris

Shakira brought in Cee Lo Green to help out her team this week.

Sasha Allen completely brought down the house with a powerful performance of “Next To Me.” Shakira was full on rocking out! Adam, Blake and Usher were all very impressed, too, saying that it was really nice to see her having fun.

Kris Thomas sang “Adorn” by Miguel, a more upbeat song than we are used to with him. Adam and Usher agreed that he was great, but added in that he thinks Kris thinks too much. Shakira came to his defense though — causing Adam and Usher to run and hide behind their chairs!

Usher Gets Serious With Team

Meanwhile, Usher really felt that after the elimination, his team to really step up.

Josiah Hawley sang ”Clocks,” and of course, the girls went crazy. It was different for Josiah, as it took his voice to new heights. Giving him a standing ovation, “Ursh” was proud! However, Shakira and Adam found it tough to compare any voice to Coldplay‘s Chris Martin.

Michelle Chamuel sang another song by Pink – this time taking on “Just Give Me A Reason.” It was another great performance by Michelle, and Adam admitted that all the judges really love her.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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