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Leonardo DiCaprio “Rejected” By Model Cara Delevingne at Cannes?

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Screen-shot-2013-05-21-at-4.02.30-PM-397x400Leonardo DiCaprio was “rejected” by model Cara Delevingne at theCannes Film Festival, reports Perez Hilton.

The blogger, who has been wrong about the actor’s dating life many times before, quotes a supposed “insider” as saying, “He spent the night chasing after her and essentially she blew him [off.]”

Perez’s “source” alleges, “They spoke and he was pretty forward inviting her to a party back at his suite,” revealing, “He tried every trick in the book and apparently kept lunging for her but she kept dodging [him.]”

“Everyone is howling at the fact she actually knocked back the biggest actor in the world,” claims the purported witness, who adds, “She thought he was too forward and too old.”


Gossip Cop is doing some howling of our own — at Perez’s laughable reporting.

We checked in with a DiCaprio insider, who tells us, “He has never talked to her” and “never met her,” and the story is “all lies.”

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