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Kristen Stewart Hasn’t Left ‘House For Days’ Since Breakup — Report

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04-robert-pattinson-kristen-stewartIs K-Stew struggling to recover from her breakup with Robert Pattinson? A new report claims that the ‘Twilight’ actress is in ‘a terrible mood’ and has been spending all of her time at home as she tries to handle her heartbreak.

Kristen Stewart is very shaken by her recent split from Robert Pattinson and she’s reportedly reacting to it the way many heartbroken people do — by staying at home and keeping out of the public eye. Should she be depending on Rob and hoping for a reunion or should she get out from under the covers and try to move on?


Kristen Stewart Staying At Home, ‘In A Terrible Mood’

“Kristen has been in a terrible mood,” a source told People. Not surprisingly, K-Stew’s glum behavior started before the couple actually split, as the relationship struggles mounted. “It was obvious that things were not great with Rob,” the source adds.

Since breaking up, Kristen has reportedly been very introverted and refuses to leave the house. “She hasn’t left the house for days,” the source says, who was also sure to add that Kristen “has surrounded herself with friends 24/7.”We previously reported EXCLUSIVELY that Kristen was in fact “leaning on her friends” in the wake of the split. At least that’s a positive!

Bunkering in at home for days doesn’t exactly sound like the healthiest lifestyle though, and the source theorized that her actions may be because of her and Rob’s all-or-nothing relationship style. “They again went from spending every second together to spending more time apart at their houses.”

Kristen Stewart: Thinking About Robert Pattinson Too Much?

It’s understandable that Kristen would want to lock herself in for some time immediately following the breakup, we just hope she doesn’t shut herself away for too long.

Back when Rob was in Australia, Kristen actually took solace in keeping busy, per her mother Jules Stewart’s advice: “Kristen is quite enjoying doing normal, everyday things. Staying busy and having fun with friends also keeps her distracted from thinking about Rob too much,” a source close to the actress told us EXCLUSIVELY.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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