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Kristen Stewart Needs Therapy After Robert Pattinson Breakup

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04-robert-pattinson-kristen-stewartKristen is reportedly so ‘heartbroken’ that she’s refusing to leave her house! spoke to two top relationship experts who tell us that Kristen needs to talk to an expert and start figuring out why they broke up.

Kristen Stewart isn’t going to accomplish anything by sitting at home is really worried about Kristen, so we reached out to two top relationship experts. They both tell us that K-Stew needs to be incredibly proactive right now and go to counseling.

Kristen Stewart Needs Therapy To Deal With Robert Pattinson Break Up

We’re not exactly sure why they broke up but we do know that they both want to take a step back from their relationship. E! News is reporting that Kristen is at home crying and refusing to leave. We also told you that Kristen is leaning on friends like Scout Taylor Compton and Taylor Lautner. But Kristen can’t expect to just waste away at home and sleep this break up off!

Dr. Carole Lieberman tells that Kristen needs to get into counseling to talk about the relationship with Rob. She needs to figure out what happened and “get back on track.”

“Kristen is feeling lost right now,” she tells us. “Pouting won’t help … She needs to go into psychotherapy to understand herself better, mourn what she lost and get back on track. Towards getting what she really wants out of life.”

Dr. Cooper Lawrence agrees and also believes that Kristen needs to be independent. Even though she did everything with Rob, she’s got to start learning how to live without Rob and be happy doing it.

“She needs to be independent,” relationship expert Dr. Cooper Lawrence tells us. “Do as many things as she can that are unique to her to make herself feel good, and raise her self-worth. But also, do things that will remind her that she is a valuable human being on her own. She should also make a promise to herself that in her next relationship she will be as honest as she can be, and not have secrets from her partner.”

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