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Justin Bieber Shopping For Engagement Ring For Selena Gomez?

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justinDo we hear wedding bells in Jelena’s near future? A new report claims that the Biebs is shopping for some fine jewelry — and not for himself! Read on for more details.

Is Justin Bieber planning on popping the question before he and Selena Gomez even officially get back together? The 20-year-old pop star reportedly asked famed designer Neil Lane to design a ring costing nearly $1 million for when Selena turns 21 in July.


Justin Bieber Planning On Proposing To Selena Gomez?

“Justin is planning to go through final designs with Neil in the next week,” a source close to the designer told the Daily Star. “At the moment his favorite idea is a huge, canary yellow, princess-cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds and set in white or yellow gold.”

Justin does not have a concert scheduled on the day of Selena’s birthday, July 22, and plans to fly back to Los Angeles from Boston to celebrate, according to the Daily Star.

Is Justin actually looking to get engaged, or is this just an elaborate birthday gift that possibly just sends the wrong message?

Justin Bieber: It’s Too Soon To Get Engaged To Selena Gomez

If it’s the first possibility, let us just speak for everyone: too soon, Justin! While it’s true that Justin and Selena have been doing well since they reunited in April and have seemingly been working towards a full-fledged relationship, it would be a disastrous rush to get engaged.

Both Justin and Selena first need to date each other again, and then maybe age at least two or three years before thinking about marriage.

On the other hand, if Justin is getting a ring custom-designed as a birthday present — and NOT for an engagement proposal — then we’re totally behind him. $1 million might be a little too much to spend, but it would be a sign that Justin is willing to go above and beyond to show his love and devotion to Selena. And ultimately we can’t fault him for that. He always does everything to the maxanyways!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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