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Harry Styles Wants To Date Pippa Middleton — Report

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pippa-middleton-harry-styles-date-leadHarry is ready to take his love life in a totally new direction — royalty! The pop singer is allegedly telling friends that he’s set his sights on a sexy cougar, Pippa! Do YOU think they would make a hot couple?

Taylor Swift might be pop royalty, but Harry Styles, 19, is determined to move up in the world — by dating actual royalty! The One Direction singer is reportedly desperate to hang out in higher class circles, and he thinks Kate Middleton‘s younger sister Pippa, 29, will be just the one to get him into the elite. Read on for all the details!


Harry Styles Wants To Date Pippa Middleton

Even though he’s dated tons of beautiful women like Taylor and Kimberly Stewart, Harry is finally “bored of the showbiz set” and obsessed with finding a royal connection to date. He’s even made a list! “Backstage before he gigs he was even trawling the internet, asking his band mates what they thought of each girl,” an insider tells the Daily StarSunday newspaper. “He drew up a ‘hit list’ and the only rule was they couldn’t be married.”

True to his heartthrob status, Harry knows Pippa is in a serious relationship, but she’s still on his list “at number two.” So who is number one?

British Princess Eugenie! According to the insider, “he’s totally fascinated with Princess Eugenie. He thinks she’s got the full package of class, looks, and status.”

Harry Styles Obsessed With Dating Royalty

Harry’s so set on finding a royal girlfriend, the list doesn’t end with Pippa or Princess Eugenie. “He also has a thing for Princess Beatrice, even though he said she’s not his ‘typical type of girl,’” the source says.

If he can’t find a princess to date, Harry has a backup plan! “He hasn’t ruled out latching on to some of Pippa’s party pals to try to help him manoeuvre his way in there,” the source reveals. “Harry really likes Pippa’s friend Camilla Campion-Awwad, and is trying to get involved in her elite little circle.”

We doubt a hot star like Harry will have any trouble finding a date! And according to the source, he’s already getting closer to his goal: “Harry has even secured a few phone numbers already through his high-flying contacts.”

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