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Watch Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull ‘Live It Up’ With Beach Parties, Runways and Yellow Lipstick

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j-lo-pitbull-live-it-up-0511813It’s another busy day for Jennifer Lopez. She’s getting ready for her fashion show (or dance performance) with the help of dozens of mignons. She gets a text fromPitbull, who’s in St. Tropez waiting for her.


A dose of fabulousness and a handful of product placements (Swarovski, Nokia) later, we’re smack in the middle of their new music video for “Live It Up,” the new single from J.Lo’s upcoming eighth studio album. This is the third collaboration between J.Lo and Pitbull, following the highly successful “On The Floor” and “Dance Again.”

Back to the music video: the pair eventually unite at Pitbull’s beach party, where J.Lo goes through several wardrobe changes, rocks a mean shade of yellow lipstick (and matching nail polish), before jumping on a giant swing.

Since premiering on YouTube on Friday, “Live It Up,” has been viewed more than 551,000 times.
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