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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s 7 Most Dramatic Relationship Moments

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robsten-splitting-up-gallery-ffn-1Sometimes when a couple is fiercely in love and seemingly destined to be together, the passion results in very good moments — and very bad moments. Rob and Kristen are definitely one of these couples with deep valleys and sublime peaks!

No relationship is perfect — heck, even Bella Swan had a flirty fling with a wolf for a hot minute. The real life Bella, Kristen Stewart, has also had her fair share of hiccups along the road with Robert Pattinson. But she has also had some truly amazing moments. One thing is for sure — you could never call R-Patz and K-Stew’s relationship boring.


Robert Pattinson Splits From Kristen Stewart After She Cheats

We’ll start with the obvious — and frankly, things had been pretty quiet until this point — with Kristen’s huge mistake cheating on Rob with Rupert Sanders. We know we don’t have to brief you on this earth-shattering event, and that you — along with Rob and Kristen — would prefer to forget this ever happened.

That spurt of infidelity led to another huge moment in Rob and Kristen’s relationship — their first breakup. At the end of July 2012, Rob made the heartbreaking decision to move out of the Los Angeles home he shared with Kristen. The cheating scandal apparently was too much, and had left the relationship beyond repair. “I’m not sure they’ll be able to recover from this,” a source told People at the time.

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Reunion & Trial Separation

But when one door closes, another opens — in October 2012, R-Patz and K-Stew were spotted making out at her new pad in Los Feliz, Calif. They were totally back on.

You know how the story goes, like a roller coaster. As Rob headed off to Australia to film The Rover in January 2013, he used the trip as a way for him and Kristen to truly figure out what they wanted. As reported exclusively, they hardly talked, and Rob frequently ignored Kristen and rebuffed her requests to let her visit him. Both Rob and Kristen spent quality time with friends instead, and you know what? It actually looked like they were learning to live with each other. Little did we know they were never planning on being apart for good.

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Reunite Again: The Strongest They’ve Ever Been?

In late March, Rob flew back to Los Angeles early to surprise Kristen! Love was back in the air! The two were photographed on the day of their reunion, looking totally happy to be together again. Since then, things have seemingly been better than ever. also reported exclusively that they couple had talked, and both had vowed to work harder on their relationship — Kristen even made the grand gesture of putting Rob in front of her career!

There was no better signifier of how healthy there relationship was than on April 9, Kristen’s birthday. Rob organized a low-key (perfect for them) dinner with all of her friends, and they evencrashed Hanson’s album release party! The couple kept the birthday vibe flowing on the weekend of April 12, when they descended upon Indio, Calif. for the Coachella music festival. The couple showed tons of PDA, and definitely had an amazing time.

But the blissful times just couldn’t last forever. On May 13, Rob’s birthday, Kristen was spotted looking to be in the middle of a heated phone conversation for about an hour. The two did not see each other on his big day, and has reported exclusively since that “Rob is not treating Kristen like a princess and she’s getting fed up with it.” All of that work they laid earlier this year might be for not: “they’re not split, but they’re holding on by a string,” the source added.

Rob and Kristen’s relationship certainly hasn’t had any dull moments! If the past is any indication, their recent fight won’t last forever and in no time, they’ll be back looking like the perfect couple — which is what we really want!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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