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Nina Dobrev Reveals How To Banish Under Eye Bags — Exclusive Interview

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ninaThis glam girl never fails to look flawless, but everyone has their beauty secrets. Find out Nina Dobrev’s tips on how to ditch your under eye bags!

Nina Dobrev, 24, always flaunts a stunning complexion, and now you can get the same results! In an exclusive interview with us, Nina reveals her favorite skincare remedies.

The Vampire Diaries star knows what it’s like to stress out about her skin, especially after removing makeup. Through late nights and early mornings on set, there’s no doubt that her grueling hours might take a toll on her skin…but how does she always look so perky? With a totally even complexion and a glowing undertone, we needed to know her secret. First and foremost, she explains, “I’m very anal and very serious about my sleep and everyone that knows me knows that you don’t wake Nina up from a nap.”

While sleep is definitely important, even for those of us who are not trekking on and off set, Nina offers up other natural skin strengtheners, such as drinking water and eating right to have enough energy throughout the day. She’s also a big believer in drinking tea, her personal favorite being matcha green tea lattes.

In terms of products, Nina definitely stresses the use of moisturizer, especially after removing a day’s worth of makeup. “It is really important to have moisture in your skin,” she states … and we agree! To avoid a sleepy look and super noticeable under eye bags, you can use Origins GinZing Moisturizer and get the same results as Nina! Naturally even skin is something we all strive for, and now it’s totally attainable.

Nina’s skincare tips are so helpful and totally doable. Don’t you LOVE her simple advice? Comment below and tell us what you think of her quick and easy ideas to boost your skin’s energy!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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