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Miley Cyrus Targeted in “Swatting” For SECOND Time: Report

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Miley1-216x300Miley Cyrus is a “swatting” victim — again.

The starlet — who was one of the first celebrities to be targeted in the 911 hoaxes last year — was reportedly at the center of another prank on Friday night.

A female 911 caller claimed to hiding in Cyrus’ closet after gun shots were allegedly fired.

Only after cops arrived did it become clear the “emergency” wasn’t real, and that the singer wasn’t even home, says TMZ.

Police with guns drawn swarmed Cyrus’ home last August after a similar prank, before the alleged perpetrators targeted a slew of other celebs, includingRyan SeacrestJustin Timberlake, and theKardashians.

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