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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Trust Is Still A Major Issue

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robertJust when we thought Rob and Kristen couldn’t be happier in their relationship, they seem to have hit another rough patch. A relationship expert tells EXCLUSIVELY that trust is still a huge problem in the couple’s relationship, but there is hope that they can resolve their issues.

After Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson, the pair broke up for a short period, but ultimately reconciled. Although their relationship has been going well, it seems there are still some issues. Relationship expert Dr. Phil Dembotells us EXCLUSIVELY that he isn’t surprised that Rob and Kristen’s relationship is on the rocks, because Rob still doesn’t trust Kristen.

Kristen Stewart’s Affair Caused Major Problems: Relationship Changed

“When there is a betrayal in a relationship, everything changes. The love may be there, as it apparently is between Rob and Kristen (which brought them back together), but the trust has been broken,” explains Dr. Dembo.

Dr. Dembo adds, “Love may be the engine that drives a relationship, but trust are your tires that keep it a smooth ride. The Rob/Kristen relationship has experienced a flat tire, and Rob doesn’t trust that the ‘patchwork’ may be strong enough not to have another blow out.”

How Can Kristen Save The Relationship?

Dr. Dembo has advice for how Kristen can repair her relationship with Rob. “Don’t settle on patching the tire, and find a way to install a brand new set of really strong tires to roll smoothly on,” he explains. “In other words, build trust and attend to it with the level of effort and energy that you haven’t before.”

“Its not enough to say I am sorry,” advises Dr. Dembo. “Kristen needs to show the trust, and talk about how the affair has affected Rob and their relationship. To truly mend, we must take ownership of what we have done and who we plan to be moving forward.”

On a sad note, Dr. Dembo says, “Most relationships with this kind of public betrayal have difficulty regaining its old swagger, and are at risk of not surviving the original breach of trust.”

Can Rob & Kristen’s Relationship Survive Longterm?

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