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Rihanna Wears Raunchy ‘Self-Love’ T-Shirt — Sending Chris Brown A Message?

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Oh wow! Rihanna’s telling the world she doesn’t need Chris, or any man for that matter, by wearing an extremely provocative ‘self-love’ t-shirt! Do you think she’s dissing Chris?
Is Rihanna sending Chris Brown a very explicit message? It sure looks that way! The 25-year-old Unapologetic artist stepped out in New York on May 15 sporting a very raunchy t-shirt that seems to be sending Chris a specific message — she doesn’t need him anymore!

Rihanna Wears A ‘Self-Love’ T-Shirt
Rihanna turned heads, literally, as she left her NYC hotel wearing a t-shirt with a pretty provocative picture! The shirt shows a woman with her hand in her underwear with the title “D.I.Y.”, which stands for “do it yourself.”

Wow, there’s nothing subtle about this message at all. Is she telling Chris she can take care of business herself?

Rihanna Was Sick Of Chris Not Putting Their Relationship First
It’s apparent that Rihanna is trying to get over the fact that she put in 200 percent in her relationship with Chris, and received nothing in return. As HollywoodLife.com previously reported, one of the reasons that Rihanna and Chris split was because he wasn’t putting much effort into their relationship.

“It’s frustrating for her because she has a big heart,” the source says. The relationship pretty much dissolved because Rihanna expected Chris to put more effort into making the relationship work.

“She gives and gives and loves him hard but there is only so much a girl can do,” says the insider. “She doesn’t think Chris knows that or even cares.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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