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Kristen Stewart Upset That Robert Pattinson Is Taking Her For Granted

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Oh no! After Rob and Kristen reportedly had a huge fight on his birthday, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that the couple has been having problems because Kristen feels ‘unloved’ by Rob!

Robert Pattinson, 27, and Kristen Stewart‘s relationship has seemed better than ever over the past few months. Unfortunately, the couple hit a major bump in the road when they got into an argument on Rob’s birthday, and a source close to the couple tell us EXCLUSIVELY that the argument was because Kristen feels like Rob is taking her for granted!


Kristen Stewart Feels ‘Unloved’ By Robert Pattinson

“Rob is not treating Kristen like a princess and she’s getting fed up with it,” the source reveals.

The source explains that Rob was so sweet to Kristen, 23, before the cheating scandal, and now he doesn’t make as much effort to do nice things for her. “He’s not as into it as he was before the cheating — not giving her special treatment like he used to. She feels unloved and that’s why they fought.”

The source adds, “They’re not split, but they’re holding on by a string.”

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Fight On His Birthday

On the afternoon of May 13, Kristen was spotted at a friend’s house arguing on the phone. The argument appeared as though Kristen and Rob were breaking up, X17 Online reports.

“Kristen was pacing back-and-forth in her friend’s apartment, smoking. She looked really upset, talking on the phone for almost an hour — I’m guessing she was talking to Rob. She was really animated, like she was trying to explain something. She was getting frustrated and seemed very emotional,” a photographer tells X17 Online.

After Kristen’s phone conversation ended, she and her friend drove to another friend’s house, where they talked in the car for 45 minutes.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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